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Location: Streaming Live

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Time: 10am ET

About the Event

The Future of Work is not about work...it’s about people

A global pandemic has just resulted in the acceleration of future of work trends that many thought were years away and are now happening in real-time. Unfortunately, this is not good news for everybody. Many corners of our society will be disproportionately impacted by this trend.

The key to our successful acceleration of the future of work is in a single word, competition. How willing are we as a society to let our people compete?

This live event is going to explore work from different vantage points: from executives, community leaders, and educators who sit on the front lines of our fight to create a more fair, more equitable, more competitive, and more successful workforce.

A strong workforce is only possible when everybody can compete.

Here's a Message from our Founder & CEO, Sam Caucci

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Meet Our Speakers...

Christina Vargas

Sarah Comeau

Shadae McDaniel

City Leader, All Stars Project of NJ

Executive Director of Global Presidential

Rotation Program, Estée Lauder

Director of Programs & Co-Founder, 

School Justice Project

Bob Kerrey

Michelle (Gacio) Harrolle, PhD

Eric LeGrand

Former Governor of Nebraska & 

United States Senator

Director, Vinik Sport & 

Entertainment Management

Motivational Speaker, Author, Sports Broadcaster, Founder of Team LeGrand 

Quashan Lockett

Chris Cooper

Fabiola Millican

Vice President, Head of HR, Legends

COO, Catapult

Senior Social Marketing Manager, 



Shelle M. Santana

Badia Farha Singleton

Wagner Denuzzo

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University

Actress/Singer/Writer/ Producer

Head of Capabilities for Future of Work, Prudential Financial


John Teza

Principal, NRD Capital Management

David Leonardo

CEO, Chill-N

Tim Sullivan

CEO, New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Steven Sitek

Head of Learning, Novartis 

Art Berke

Associate Director/Faculty of Global Sports Business M.S. Program, Rutgers University 

Bryan Ireton 

CEO, ATOS North America

Eugene Alexander

Consultant, Mercer

Enrique Rubio

Founder, Hacking HR

Kim Anderson

Director of Field Medical Capabilities, Neuroscience, Novartis 

Helena Verellen

Investor/Advisor, QelviQ

Dorian Langlais

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Rally Point 

Media Strategies

Julia Einbond

Director of Strategy & Learning, Covenant House

Jessica B Gonzalez

Founder, LUX-UVC, InCharged, and VendX

Jim Friedman, Ph.D., Cr.D.

Clinical Professor of Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Miami University

Jack Yoest

Assistant Professor of Leadership and Management, Catholic University of America

Scott Hayward


Stacy Eastman

Senior Environmental Scientist, AECOM

Maryanne Spatola

CEO, C3 Talent Strategies

Chisa Egbelu

CEO & Chairman, PeduL

Marjorie Fields-Harris

Public Relations, MoCaFi

Joey Braccino

Teacher of English, United Nations 

International School 

Jermaine Thomas

M.Ed Higher Education Leadership, Texas Christian University

Mike Storch

Rising Senior, University of Maryland

Nick Dziubia

Student Leader, Catholic University of America

James Webb

Vice President of Global People Development, Engagement, and Communications, Fossil Group

Bettina F. Sipe

District Sales Manager, FedEx

Corinne Patten

VP National Account Sales, PepsiCo

Daniel Peat

Annual Adjunct, University of Cincinnati Management

Gerry Gibbs

Principal, Capital Impact Group

Darren Peters

Founder and Managing Partner, Peter Damon Group 

Dr. Laura Miller

Professor of Sport Management Program 

Director, CAL U

Joanne Lin

Principal, Newark Venture Partners

Cornell Thomas

Motivational Speaker & CEO, Cornell Thomas

Debbie Sallis

Board of Directors Member, The Washington Center

Jahmila Williams

Corporate Attorney

Gail Kreitzer

Founder, DashingBoarding Minds

John Hoover


Ken Warman

Founder, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach, The Leaders Evolution 

Lauren Gallagher, Ph.D

Co-Founder of Sync It Up Sports

Marc Steiner

Founder and CEO, Turn Automotive

Maria Arriaga

Florida Key Accounts, Sazerac Company

Leo Manzari

Recording Artist and Educator

Jason Belzer, Esq.

President, GAME Inc. & 

Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University

Lisa Chen

Committee Chair, QUEST Networking

Tracey Pierce

Senior Vice President L&D and Strategic OutReach, CommonSpirit Health

Craig Schlosser

Vice President, Middlesex County Regional 

Chamber of Commerce 

Daniel Steinberg

Manager, Channel, &  App Partnerships, Clio

Cortlin Morris

Rising Junior, Miami University


Thursday, July 23 - Streaming LIVE at 10am ET


1Huddle Founder and CEO, Sam Caucci, kicks off the event. 

Panel #1: Jobs - The Company: What can companies do to progress FoW?

  • Dorian Langlais, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Rally Point Media Strategies
  • John Teza, Principal at NRD Capital Management
  • Christina Vargas, Executive Director of Global Presidential Program at The Estée Lauder Companies
  • Tim Sullivan, CEO at New Jersey Economic Development Authority

1:1's with Industry Leaders

Short conversations with: David Leonardo (CEO at Chill-N), Eugene Alexander (Consultant at Mercer)

Panel #2: Workforce - The Worker: What can our workers do to progress FoW?

  • Kirk Madsen, VP of Sales at 1Huddle
  • Shadae McDaniel, City Leader at All Stars Project of NJ
  • Chris Cooper, COO at Catapult
  • Michelle Harrolle, PhD, Director at Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management

1:1's with Industry Leaders

Short conversations with: Eric Legrand (Motivational Speaker, Author, Sports Broadcaster, Founder of Team LeGrand), Enrique Rubio Founder at Hacking HR), Badia Farha Singleton (Actress, Singer, Writer, Producer)

Panel #3: Skills - The Manager: What can leaders do to progress FoW?

  • Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle
  • Quashan Lockett, Vice President, Head of HR at Legends
  • James Webb, VP of Global People Development, Engagement & Communications at Fossil Group
  • Joanne Lin, Principal at Newark Venture Partners

1:1's with Industry Leaders

Short conversations with: Lisa Chen (Committee Chair at QUEST Networking), Ken Warman (Founder at Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach at The Leaders Evolution), John Hoover (Author), Wagner Denuzzo (Head of Capabilities for Future of Work at Prudential Financial)

Panel #4: Education - The Teacher: What can schools do to progress FoW?

  • Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle
  • Chisa Egbelu, CEO & Chairman at PeduL
  • Steven Sitek, Head of Learning at Novartis
  • Shelle M. Santana, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University

1:1's with Industry Leaders

Short conversations with: Art Berke (Associate Director/Faculty of Global Sports Business M.S. Program at Rutgers University), Jim Friedman, PhD (Clinical Professor of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Miami University), Cornell Thomas (CEO at Cornell Thomas), Leo Manzari (Recording Artist & Educator)

Panel #5: Policy - The Politician: What can our elected officials do to progress FoW?

  • Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle
  • Sarah Comeau, Director of Programs & Co-Founder at School Justice Project
  • Gerry Gibbs, Principal at Capital Impact Group

1:1's with Industry Leaders

Short conversations with: Senator Bob Kerrey (Former Governor of Nebraska & United States Senator), Craig Schlosser (VP at Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce)

Panel #6: Community - The Community Leader: What can non-profits and community leaders do to progress FoW?

  • Jahmila Williams, Corporate Attorney
  • Julia Einbond, Director of Strategy & Learning at Covenant House
  • Debbie Sallis, Board of Directors Member at The Washington Center
  • Marjorie Fields-Harris, Director of Communications and Government Affairs at MoCaFi

1:1's with Industry Leaders

Short conversations with: Tracey Pierce (Senior Vice President L&D and Strategic OutReach, CommonSpirit Health), Helena Verellen (Investor/Advisor, QelviQ)


Closing remarks from Sam Caucci. 



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